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Magimix continues to be innovative in the culinary universe with Patissier & Multifunction Food Processor! Maximum functionality from a single machine: Knead, Whisk, Chop, Blend, Slice & Grate


Unique Blendermix system produces an ultra fine blend for velouté soups, smoothies, pancake batters and much more...

Are you getting enough fruit and vegetables into your diet?

"When it comes to fruits & vegetables different colours relate to different types of nutrients. Therefore, it's important to try to incorporate a rainbow of diversity as often as possible."


Duo Plus XL is equipped with all the benefits of Duo XL but includes a patented Smoothiemix accessory that will transform soft fruits into delicious home made smoothies and coulis.


The worlds first see-through toaster. Visual control: for toast, just the way you like it.